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nicomachus   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
nicomachus   on Dec 6, 2004
added a review of Little River

sweet new singletrack... props to DOMBO and all their tireless volunteers. when packed down, this course should be much faster......
nicomachus   on Nov 12, 2004
added a review of Hog Run/Harris Lake

A nice ride, and I will return to it. I rode first thing in the morning, through the parting mist....
nicomachus   on Nov 12, 2004
added a review of Beaver Dam

I agree with the earlier poster -- this is one of the best (public) trails in the Triangle. Although the...
nicomachus   on Nov 1, 2004
added Amethyst Brook
Very technical, very rocky mixed-use trail. I explored these trails often, and rarely rode the same way twice. Trails closer...
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