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beantownmessenger   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
beantownmessenger   on Sep 18, 2004
added Oregon Zoo Downhill
Most of the trails are no bikes in Washington Park but if you look hard you can find a way...
There are several rides at the Hardy Creek trail head. Deerskull is steep and singletrack. Rim trail is sweet. The...
A good ride for a beginer on a Mt. or cross bike. There is some good single track on side...
beantownmessenger   on Sep 12, 2004
added Bradbury Mt State Park
Trails are single track to ski and snowmobille trails. The mountain is rather small and you can easily ride al...
beantownmessenger   on Sep 12, 2004
added Alden Hill
There is a 3.5 mile race loop with some sweet singletrack and some steep drop in hills. This is a...
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