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Plumas Lake // California

FgiantP   on Aug 17, 2013
added a photo of Northstar Resort
FgiantP   on Apr 3, 2013
added 2 photos.
FgiantP   on Aug 28, 2012
added a review of Pioneer Trail

If you park at the White Cloud Tahoe National Forest entrance off of 20 and start there it is a...
FgiantP   on Aug 8, 2012
added a review of Hole In The Ground

Steep rocky climbs, great scenery, lung buster. My friend and I did this trail last weekend. We shuttled from the...
FgiantP   on Jun 15, 2012
added a comment on Front Range Riding: Buffalo Creek and Lair O' the Bear
@mtbgreg1 Will the singletracks crew ride anywhere near the Tahoe region this summer? Also, this post inspired me to take a...
FgiantP   on Apr 29, 2012
added a review of Hidden Falls Regional Park

The trails are very smooth. Great trail for beginners. Some sections are surprisingly fast. Get to the trail early before...
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