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Herndon // Virginia

What's the weight before/after using this method?
I agree with AJ711. I just paid my LBS to do an annual tune-up/replace seals etc. on my fork. I...
burnedthetoast   on Apr 12, 2012
added a comment on MTB Frame Geometry Part 1: How It Fits
Nice article - I've never looked at the numbers much, mostly going by feel. I like the idea of looking...
I almost entirely agree with you... and the "almost" bit is where you classify DH/DJ as "expert". In my mind,...
burnedthetoast   on Apr 4, 2012
added a comment on Review: Louis Garneau Porcupine MTB Shorts
Sound like good shorts... but seriously - Porcupine shorts??? That just doesn't sound comfy!
burnedthetoast   on Mar 7, 2012
added a comment on Powder Coating: New Life For An Old MTB Frame
That's pretty sweet! Liking the color choice too...
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