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Cchapline — Your story is inspirational! Go get ‘em! All the best in your pursuits! Chris
genepires — Not sure what happened to #2 and #3 in this post: #2 was “Mix it up,” as in ride different trails and in opposite directions as trail rule permit. #3 was “Upgrade as you can” to keep your bike tech equal to your burgeoning skill set. Goals are indeed personal; racing worked to…
I paid $475 for a new Trek 830 in 1984. At the time it was the not-quite-top-of-the-line mountain bike offering from Trek. It was marked down to $450, but I added a set of "bear trap" pedals and a "Hite-Rite" dropper spring (Whoa! Racy!) which bumped to price the extra $25. According to, that's…   on Jan 18, 2018
commented on Trials on the Trail of Life
Stunningly poignant. Thank you for sharing this story.
Not to belabor this, but the answer to “what should I give a shit about?” has a number equal to the population of the planet. As for the relative value of shits given, yes, I think each has an equal weight. Who’s to say if your shit given is more or less important than mine…
First, let me say that it’s posts like this that keep fresh and also a cut above any other cycling site. Second, it’s also posts like this that make me wish I COULD sit down and talk with Greg “over a beer.” As for defining success, I think that it’s three parts persistence, one…
Still at it at 65+...also have a new knee and rotator cuff repair. Two surgeries in one year -- didn't go through that to sit on the couch! Bought a new bike, using a March race to prompt my full attention to getting back into top shape, well, for me. I figure I'll revisit quitting…
Great article. Lots of good ideas and suggestions for those of us on Medicare!
Well said, Greg. While I do enjoy the on-trail banter on any number of topics, I've found that the most restorative rides have been when I'm riding solo. I'll have to admit to a heavy dose of introversion -- being alone allows me to hear my own voice along with the birds, the bike and…   on Jul 25, 2017
Thanks for the kind words. I hope there are many more FS SS riders out there! Best of all worlds to me...
Great write-up, Kelsey! Having done more than a little hike-a-bike on the Kokopelli, I can sure feel your pain...and elation. Thanks for sharing...great stuff!!   on Jun 6, 2017
Triton189 -- It IS amazing how a day off (or even two) will benefit your legs and stamina. For me, it's the difference between being knackered at the end of a ride and having just enough left in the tank to enjoy simply being there. Ride safe!
blundar -- You've hit it right on the head: “I get into shape so that I can enjoy mountain biking more." Looking at the big picture, I think, gets me to a better space when on the bike.
Mongwolf -- Good on ya for just being out there. There are many ways to get into shape other than road rides. That's what's worked best for me. Having said that, weight training is a great way to cross-train for mountain biking. Prior to riding four days on the Kokopelli Trail, I spent two months…   on May 16, 2017   on Apr 9, 2017
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1x9 ancestor of the D460
Thanks, triton! It's amazing what you can do with a little help from your friends...and an adventuresome spirit!
JD - Thanks for your kind words. As for tackling Kokopelli, I'd first suggest a tour company. We used Hermosa Tours out of Fruita and they were excellent. Not too much "support," but just enough. Food: We took pasta, canned salmon, prepared grilled chicken breasts, quinoa, rice, veggies...anything that we could get into the cooler…   on Mar 7, 2017
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