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Colorado Springs // Colorado

ryguy79   on Aug 11, 2017
added a review of Holdridge Recreation Area

Still fun after all these years. I rode here regularly in the late 90s and earthy 00s, but have been...
ryguy79   on Jun 27, 2016
added a review of Santa Fe Trail

Its not mountain biking. Rating as such is pointless. To me its great when I just want to put miles...
ryguy79   on May 25, 2015
added a review of Seven Bridges Trail

Better as a hike than a ride. There are more fun trails around. As a hike, great in the spring,...

Great finisher to a Buckhorn/Jacks ride and a fun area for a quick ride on its own with short but...
ryguy79   on Dec 31, 2014
added a comment on Opinion: The Anti-Fat Biking Manifesto
Pretty sure you should be at Monarch instead! That said, I ride year round in Colorado Springs without a fatbike,...
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