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smorris   on Oct 1, 2009
added a photo
Dave Harris' bike, shot during the 2009 Grand Loop Race. Thunderstorms turned the Paradox Trail into peanut butter.
smorris   on Jan 19, 2009
added 5 photos.
Near the bottom of Milagrosa
smorris   on Jan 12, 2009
added 3 photos.
AZT in Colossal Cave Mountain Park
smorris   on Jan 12, 2009
added Sweetwater Preserve
The Sweetwater Preserve features about thirteen miles of singletrack built by mountain bikers. A pristine piece of desert nestled between...
smorris   on Jan 12, 2009
added Arizona Trail: Cienega Corridor
This segment of the Arizona Trail is newly constructed and built to high standard. Weave through saguaros and dodge sharp...
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