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So since the rear is offset 3mm to the driveside, does that mean I can use a boost kit with my non-boost wheels and not have to re-dish? That would be great so I could still relatively easily swap wheels between my current bikes and build this up from a frame. I already have some…
It's about half a fork's worth of technology and materials, and it costs about half as much as a fork. I'd prefer cheaper of course, but if it lasts five years it's good enough value, considering how much it can improve your riding if you learn to take advantage of it.
F#$k e-bikes. If someone doesn't have the power to get up a trail on their own, then they don't have the power to haul out a 40# e-bike when the battery goes dead or it has a mechanical. Mountain biking involves a measure of fitness, it's not going to kill you, and it has the…
MountainK1ng   on Mar 23, 2017
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Bike was probably by fave back in that time, but it tends to feel like a giant bike ad nowadays. Mountain Flyer is my fave now. Great pics, great stories, even some race...
MountainK1ng   on Dec 2, 2016
commented on Garmin Edge 520 Review
It actually works fine for navigation too. It's not turn-by turn, but you can see the course your navigating on screen, and where you are on it, and you can usually see pretty easily which way the track your following goes if you come to an intersection. It will even beep at you and tell…
What are the widest tires available in 27.5? What are the widest this bike will fit? Anyone ridden a 27.5 Fattie? Wondering if the substantial weight of the bigger tires out there will make it feel even slower, and more gyroscopic than a regular 26 Fattie.
MountainK1ng   on Feb 13, 2015
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I have a similar idea for this pressing problem. I like to call mine "Fenders and a rain jacket."
MountainK1ng   on Jan 26, 2014
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How did they feel in terms of ride comfort relative to a Crest. Did they make a hardtail feel even...
I find doing an out and back that goes far from home works well for me. As long as I...
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