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Best to Greg but he's still completely wrong about Plus tires! :)
Ha! Congrats on steaming up in the ATL!
fatlip11   1 week ago
replied to Chain wax...go or no go?
I tried it for a while (White Lightining and Squirt) but felt like I wasn't getting the mileage out of it that I get with other options. Sometimes on the ride back...
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really? = more dollars than sense ;) Good luck to 'em though, I'm sure some will buy it.
fatlip11   on Dec 22, 2017
replied to 29plus wheel set carbon or aluminum
I had Dustin- http://southernwheelworks.com -build me a set of Velocity Duallys(aluminum)/Wheelsmith/White Industries hubs for my Krampus when it first came out. I was well over 200 lbs then and they are still...
Well, I said it before and everyone jumped down my throat but some places should be foot only. I don't think horses should be there either. I understand some people live in large unpopulated areas with little to no access, that does suck. I live on the East Coast with miles of trails and have…
I honestly hope that they completely fail in this endeavour.
Gotta get me one of those. Thanks for putting it out there!
Dang... wish I was there right now! Great informative article, I like all the extras that you mention with the trails!
fatlip11   on Aug 16, 2017
commented on Must Watch: Ferda Girls (HUMBLE. Parody)
OK... THAT is an awesome and hilarious sendup! Much respect to the ladies and all the crew that put it together!
https://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-gear/sklar-bikes-best-mountain-bike-at-nahbs-2017/ Gaaaaaaah! Gimme!
Looks great, definitely will check it out. OK, gotta say... why don't you allow full screen viewing from YouTube? So annoying.
Amazing race... congratulations!
Awesome video! Looks like a blast.
Funny... as a mountain biker, when I see that beautiful shot of Ants Basin in Idaho (top), I see no reason for bikes to be there, I also see no reason for horses to be there either. What's next ANWR? John has written two very well thought out articles, although I wouldn't say he "dispensed"…
SWEET! Finally, a first step for Atlanta!
No +?!? Whaaat the?
Hmmm, not a fan of these super wide trails you can drive a four-wheeler on. Please leave South loop alone!
Beginning of the end.
fatlip11   on Apr 19, 2016
added a comment on 5 MIPS Helmets, Tested - Which is the best?
Too bad you didn't compare the Bell Super 2 instead of the Stoker... apples for apples and all. Bell FTW!...
Great read! Gotta get up there.
fatlip11   on Apr 11, 2016
added a comment on 6 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Singlespeed
Love my SS and everything Helena says is spot on, but... my 55 year old knees are starting to rebel....
Damn you sir! You just got my $40! What a steal, thanks for that.
fatlip11   on Jan 11, 2016
added a comment on Maxxis Mammoth 4" Fat Bike Tire Review
Good review, Greg... but this is what I find interesting, "While 5 inches seems to be the fat bike tire...
+1 on what TomP and Aaron said, I would consider one of those bags (like Greg mentioned) or some type...
fatlip11   on Oct 28, 2015
added a comment on Long Term Review: Zen TRAIL Frame
Looks like a SWEET ride! Wondering if you've ever thrown a leg over a 44 bikes? Any comparisons to be...
Seems to me the 27.5+ size would be the perfect size and ride. I ride a Krampus and love all...
fatlip11   on Jun 2, 2015
added a comment on How to Convert Your 29er to a 27.5+ All-Trail Bike
Since adopting the Krampus early on, I can't imagine riding on anything less than 3" tires now. Yep, there are...
fatlip11   on Apr 29, 2015
added a comment on How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Shoes
Riding flats without 5-10s is like riding clipless without the cleats. STOOPID!
fatlip11   on Dec 18, 2014
added a comment on Video: How the Locals Ride Moab
Sweet! That looks like too much fun. Good edit too, the drone footage really gives a great feeling of the...
fatlip11   on Nov 19, 2014
added a comment on Infographic: MTB Night Riding by the Numbers
WOW! Thanks Greg, I hadn't seen that before, that's awesome. I did a double check and learned that Blankets is...
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