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Berryman's Tire Seal-R is worth a try. Its available at Tractor Supply in the U.S, at $30 per gallon and comes with pump nozzle amd hose that fits over a presta valve (with core removed. I've tried all the various bicycle-specific sealant brands, and like this the best. Its pretty viscous and does not dry…
1UP USA rack is still the one to beat, in my opinion. Modular design makes it light to install in pieces and easy to grow with. Its stable, and you can shift the bikes back and forth on the rail by simply rolling the bike, and its easy to find a position where bikes installed…
For me its the addition of (unnecessary) electronics to my bike. Modern mechanical drivetrains, properly set and maintained, work almost flawlessly. Why would i add a battery and electronic motor assembly, and pay a premium for it, with no real gain in performance? For folks who still run 2 chainrings, maybe the auto shifting feature…
mpersonal   on Mar 4, 2007
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