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Columbus // Ohio

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CC4two7   on Jul 22, 2014
added a photo of On-One Inbred 26
My bike
CC4two7   on Jul 22, 2011
added a photo of Gary Fisher Wahoo
BB7's Marzocchi 33LO Mavic Crossride wheels
Something I've recently learned: ride with a spare collar bone...
CC4two7   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
CC4two7   on Jan 19, 2007
added a photo of Alum Creek Phase Ii
CC4two7   on Jan 18, 2007
added 4 photos.
CC4two7   on Jan 18, 2007
added John Bryan State Park
Its a pretty simple trail, theres really no elevation changes or tough obstacles besides a few log jums and some...
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