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Salida // Colorado

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ranchero7   on Mar 11, 2015
added a review of Emerald Mountain

Great option for 1-2 hour rides from town. Super fun! Short season due to mud/snow. Really snotty slippery when wet....
ranchero7   on Nov 25, 2013
added a comment on Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Salida, Colorado
Welcome Greg! It's a tough place to have to call home, but we all have our crosses to bear, don't...
ranchero7   on Apr 4, 2013
added a review of MoJoe

Super fun addition to Joe's! I rode this the day it officially opened several weeks ago. Great jumps - not...
ranchero7   on May 16, 2012
created a My Trails
ranchero7   on May 1, 2012
added a review of Otero Cyclery

This shop has been closed for several years now.
ranchero7   on May 1, 2012
updated Methodist Mountain
to Open.
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