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Laurel // Maryland

83stumpjumper   on Jan 3, 2011
added a comment on The Vintage Mountain Biker
After I saw the book here, I ordered it from Amazon. Big difference in the bikes between now and then!...
83stumpjumper   on Oct 18, 2010
added a review of Rosaryville State Park

Just back from the trail again, it gets better every time I ride it! Just wanted to mention that the...
83stumpjumper   on Oct 15, 2010
added a comment on Where do Mountain Bike Model Names Come From?
Still no better name for a mountain bike than Stump Jumper!
83stumpjumper   on Oct 10, 2010
added a review of Rosaryville State Park

Just rode the trail for the second time in a week, I love it!!! Not as far from home as...

A great trail! Equal amounts of ups and downs. You never have to dismount, with the exception of getting over...

I've ridden this trail a few times this summer and really enjoyed it. No big uphills requiring you to dismount,...
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