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About Me

I started riding mountain bikes in 2006 after my then girlfriend, now wife was given a old Specialized Rockhopper by a co-worker. I always wanted a mountain bike, but couldn't afford one in college. Since we only had to buy one, I thought it would be the perfect way to get into the sport. I'd ridden BMX bikes as a kid so riding trails took me back to that euphoria! I've been lucky enough to live in several mountain towns around Colorado (Carbondale, Basalt, Durango, Minturn, Vail, and now Steamboat Springs) and have sampled a variety of local trails along with occasional road trips to other mountain bike destinations across the state. In addition to Colorado, we've also ridden outside of Whitewater Wisconsin, Jackson Wyoming, and Whitefish Montana. Over the past few years, I began riding downhill laps and my bike selection definitely leans in that direction, although I still ride cross country most of the time. I am tough on gear and try to purchase equipment based on durability rather than weight savings. (singletracks, I'd love to do some gear tests for you!) I like to ride a variety of terrain and always enjoy riding with new people who can give you a fresh perspective on a familiar trail system, or ride a new trail with a local rider and find the sweet-spot line.

My Bikes

I just rode The Sluice Trail this weekend for the first time and it's already my favorite front range trail. The trail builders did an incredible job incorporating natural and constructed rock features into the dirt jumps and berms. Lots of optional lines like the one pictured in the article if you're brave enough. A…
I have been lucky enough to live within riding distance of our local ski mountain and use our downhill trails (most of which would fit into the flow trail category) as my after work rides. Well built flow trails encourage you to build up speed and increase air time. Our trails are built with optimum…
Thanks for writing this article! I always look at time on my bike as moments where I can either let go of whatever is bothering me, or on solo climbs, process through some stuff so my mind can be clear for the downhill. I'm rarely the first rider up the hill, but I like to…
jakegasau   on Mar 12, 2015
created a My Trails
I just found another interesting fact you may need to know if you ride Emerald Mountain in the spring. If...
jakegasau   on Aug 25, 2011
added a review of Abrams / Worlds Greatest

Great trail! The bottom section of World's Greatest can also be accessed by the fence you cross at the end,...
jakegasau   on May 12, 2011
added a review of Prince Creek / Monte Carlo

I rode this one on Mountain Fair weekend last year and was impresssed. If pressed for time, you can climb...
jakegasau   on Nov 4, 2010
added a review of Rim Trail

Fun Trail. The first climb is a bit grueling, but once your on top of the ridge, the singletrack is...
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