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Trailcat   on Dec 18, 2015
added a review of Cycle Fitters

Excelent shop for a good bike fit. Only local dealer for Jamis bikes.
Trailcat   on Dec 18, 2015
added 2 photos.
My bike
Trailcat   on Nov 6, 2012
added a map of Trexler Nature Preserve
Trailcat   on Sep 1, 2012
added a comment on MTB Hydration Pack Buyer's Guide
That's totally rockin' go MTBERS!
Trailcat   on Aug 31, 2012
added Walking Purchase Park
The builders and caretakers, The Valley Mountain Bike club rate this trail a 3/5. It is challenging because of the...
Trailcat   on Aug 21, 2012
added Trexler Nature Preserve
Trexler Mountain Bike Trail has been expanded to include a trail network consisting of smooth singletrack, winding high berms on...
Trailcat   on Oct 23, 2011
added 3 photos.
Trailcat   on Oct 23, 2011
added Saucon Valley Bikes
Saucon Valley Bikes
Trailcat   on Oct 23, 2011
created a My Trails
Trailcat   on Oct 4, 2011
added a photo
Mine is Black and Silver
Trailcat   on Sep 17, 2010
added a review of Jacobsburg Park

Great place to learn to ride. Variation of trails from gravel path to singletrack. Good exercise as there are some...
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