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Carlsbad // California

CaptainBrock   on May 9, 2015
added a comment on Review: Trail LED 3000 Lumen Bike Light
And mounted with RUBBER BANDS!!?? Please! This is an outrage!
CaptainBrock   on Nov 6, 2012
added a review of West Ridge

The rating of "4" is enjoyability, not difficulty. There are just a couple little sections that will make you huff...
CaptainBrock   on Sep 19, 2012
added a comment on SRAM XX1: 11spd MTB Drivetrain
Intriguing, but where does it end? Myself, I am dialed in and stocked for 3x8 speed for life. I am curious...
Enough with the one-speeds already. Please!
CaptainBrock   on Jan 12, 2012
added a comment on Iconic Mountain Bike Shops in the US
I do worry about the local shop going away. I felt so guilty about looking at the XTR derailler for...
CaptainBrock   on Dec 27, 2011
added a comment on The 2,000 Mile Year
Hey Greg, thanks for the inspiring post. I know how it is. In days past I have racked up 10k...
Yeah but, how can I put gears and shifters on my one-speed?
INTERESTING! Yeah, I see these dudes up where I go. I know they have really strong legs. To me they...
dgaddis thanks for some gearing info!
I have to agree that this job sounds better than building missiles or surgery devices. But when I downsize MY...
Well, thanks for an enlightening story! But did you really score a BIKE job? Come on, you are still sitting...
CaptainBrock   on Nov 24, 2010
added a comment on Mountain Biking Through History
I used to think that my friend and I invented mountain biking as college sophomores in 1969 when one night...
CaptainBrock   on Sep 3, 2010
added a photo of Marin Team Marin
Geared up for Katy Trail in Clinton, Mo, 2008
CaptainBrock   on Aug 25, 2010
added a comment on Mountain Biking from Durango to Moab
I'd like to see some maps and an elevation profile. This actually sounds pretty extreme. I hope you've got a...
CaptainBrock   on Aug 10, 2010
added a comment on Old School Mountain Biker Goes Back to Class
The trail is the only "instructor" I've ever had. "DH" is just the way back from a mountain ride. I'm...
CaptainBrock   on Jul 7, 2010
added 2 photos.
Dean Scout, custom build by Captain Brock
CaptainBrock   on Jun 18, 2010
added a comment on Breaking: Trek Eliminating Gary Fisher Brand
The Last True Gary Fisher bike was made in 1996 in the U.S.A. This bike now still gets me from the...
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