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Black Mountain // North Carolina

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dalmasp   on Nov 6, 2012
added a map of Old Toll Road
dalmasp   on Dec 12, 2008
added Epic Cycles
Epic Cycles
dalmasp   on Mar 20, 2007
added a review of Bootleg Canyon

Super! There is a trail for every skill level. I did the XC trails. The climb up Girl Scout and...
dalmasp   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
dalmasp   on Oct 13, 2005
added Old Toll Road
The trail is about equally doubletrack and singletrack. The climbs are long and very rocky but there are no switchbacks....
dalmasp   on Feb 10, 2005
added a review of Fontana Village

Rode the Icycle cross country race. This race is held at Fontana Village the first week in February. It is...
dalmasp   on Jul 6, 2004
added a review of Sidehill

Sidehill is a great trail, but it will some disappear. The trail will soon become a gravel road so that...
dalmasp   on Jun 15, 2004
added a review of Green Mountain

The Green Mountain Trails have almost no trees. Being from western North Carolina this was a refreshing change. The trails...
dalmasp   on Mar 1, 2004
added a review of Tsali Mouse Branch Loop

Super fun trail. You can add distance, a great downhill and views by including the Overlook loop to the ride....
dalmasp   on Feb 16, 2004
added Kitsuma
Follow the trail along the Interstate until it starts to climb. After 14 switchbacks, go over the top of the...
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