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I started riding mountain bikes seriously around 2014 and it has pretty much consumed my life ever since. MTB has become such a passion of mine that I decided to create a website and YouTube channel called Mountain Bikes and Motorcycles. On this site and channel I share thoughts, opinions and stories related to my two favorite industries, Cycling and Motorcycles. Check it out at

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My wife rides a LIV Embolden and really likes it. You get good bang for your buck with LIV, at least IMO.
I say hardtail for sure. The clash will be more than enough IMO for park days and some downhill events. The hardtail gives you way more variety and hardtails are just fun...
The travel numbers might look overkill at first glance but as mentioned in the other comments above, between the DW link and the advancements in bike tech and geo, the Ripmo AF...
Hi Keith, For your initial tune up I would definitely take it to a good LBS. This will give you the chance to build rapport and talk to them about what regular maintenance...
Fuji Discovery 3, that thing was bulletproof.
Hi jaj23,   I say go frame first, then components. It's very easy to upgrade components over the life of a frame if you start with something modern with up to date specs like:...
Mountain Bikes and Motor   on Jan 12, 2020
replied to what mtb shoes do ya run
FiveTens all the way! Any of their flat pedal shoes are great. It's their "Stealth" rubber that gives them the edge over other shoes. Like others here have said, with good pedals...
Mountain Bikes and Motor   on Jan 9, 2020
spec'd a bike: Yeti SB4.5c
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