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Payson // Utah


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Jr in high school. I'm your typical Weekend warrior, hitting the trails whenever i can. Utah resident.

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Just waiting for new tires to ship...... ......2 day prime shipping is a thing of the past
NeboNomad   on Feb 14, 2020
started a topic: 2011 Lyrik Rebuild $$$?
First post here. Hi. I have an old, dried up (slighty crusty) Lyrik that needs to be rebuilt. I can't seem to find a definite seal kit for the shock, and I'm not...
I think that leasing that out will change the demographic in Moab. As a Utah resident, I think that more land should be open to public access. Leasing it out just gets developer's foot in the door to do more. However, due to Slickrock's world renown, I don't think that specific trail system or any…
NeboNomad   on Dec 10, 2019
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz Nomad
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