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murmur   on Mar 1, 2020
replied to Body Protection
Thanks for information, protection is always important. Helmet and other special items are crisial to all.
murmur   on Jan 26, 2020
replied to Chain skips
Sadly, also had a problem with chain. Will listen solvings.
murmur   on Jan 26, 2020
replied to Buying a Second Bike
Agree, that hardtail is more likely on bike. Also thinking about it.
murmur   on Dec 23, 2019
replied to AXA Locks
Also interesting to listen. Now I am using simple lock like this.
murmur   on Dec 13, 2019
replied to Stanchion/ Frame/ Component Protection
Hello! My friend recently broke stanchion on bike like this.
murmur   on Dec 3, 2019
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike
Hello! Also looking for bike, thinking about buying something like this
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