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Yes. Colored bikes are not that too many but maybe it's because of the sales. Maybe more people really buy black/gray/or white so they manufacture more simple colors. I also have to...
What I only have is some knee and elbow pads, and helmet. One time I was speeding downhill and suddenly I need to stop because of a dog who's licking his feet...
withrust   3 weeks ago
replied to Hitch bike rack
What I use is Thule and have a Subaru. Thule is a pretty popular brand and it's just like Yakima. Got that for $300+ and here is where what I have https://www.subarupartspros.com/sku/soa567b041.html. ...
withrust   3 weeks ago
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What I use is ODI and it's my first brand that I tried and fell in love with it so ever since I started biking that's what I use. I like it...
withrust   3 weeks ago
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Never tried night riding since I'm a morning person but would love to try it. Will really make sure to get that 1000 lumens for safety.
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