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This lock is the epitome of good marketing coupled with a gullible public. Actually gullible may be waay too nice . More like willful ignorance on a galactic scale. True, the manufacturer states that it is only to be used for a quick stop in a store and its only meant as a mild deterrent…
One more marketing scheme trying to create a specific attire where none is needed. I’ve worn the same thing while riding a bike since i was four ,( 73 now) cut off shorts , Converse All Stars and a T shirt. This kind of s#$t is laughable.????
Heres an idea on how to control your fear- Don’t ride your bike downhill at break neck speeds. Keep your tires on the ground where they belong and you should be just fine.
Absurd. The people that will buy this tire will be the riders that live in a world of microscopic difference as in “ my tires have a one mm difference in lug position to my old tires . ???????????? Waste your money fools. A really skilled rider can blow by you on tires that are…
kangaldog   on Jul 1, 2019
commented on Hardtail vs Full Suspension Mountain Bikes
If you are not a downhill Kamakazi then hardtails will do . Most riders don’t need a full suspension bike , but buy them anyway because they look cool and give the rider a kind of bikers prestige. I’ve been riding a long long time ( 73 now) and have witnessed the evolution of the…
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