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FrankS29   1 week ago
replied to Flip-chips and geo shifts
I think it’s nice that they give the option. Options are always nice to help make a bike more versatile and fit a broader range of riders with a single frame. however, the...
FrankS29   1 week ago
spec'd a bike: Niner Jet 9 RDO
FrankS29   1 week ago
spec'd a bike: Salsa Timberjack
With Canyon, I would look at something like the Neuron CF 8.0 $3,200 for the current model. The Spectral is A LOT of bike, unless you plan on sending big jumps with it regularly...
Two very different frames... Geometry wise they are going to ride very different. I would say the Cascade Peak will be a more versatile “trail bike” while the Signal Peak is more of...
FrankS29   1 week ago
replied to what mtb shoes do ya run
Five Ten Freerider Pro for me. Combined with OneUp Aluminum flat pedals, I’m in love. Very supportive pedaling platform, almost clipped in feeling with all the benefits of a flat pedal. I only run my...
A lot of this depends heavily on what someone considers “gravel”. It is a WIDE category at this point. If you’re truly going to be taking this bike on paved roads and actual...
PNW also makes the “Cascade” series dropper that is externally routed!
FrankS29   on Dec 16, 2019
replied to Need info on MTB backpacks!
What happened to your Raptor 14? if something broke they will warranty it. if for whatever reason it’s gone, look for the Raptor packs to go on sale. Osprey runs sales and introduces new...
Press fit is not ideal for me either, but it would not stop me from getting a bike I really want. Any bike I’ve had with a pressfit BB I use the thread together Wheels Manufacturing BB. Great quality BB and always dead silent.
FrankS29   on Dec 12, 2019
replied to Need info on MTB backpacks!
For $60, you’re not going to find what you’re looking for.  Unless you stumble on some massive sale... even then, you’re hard pressed to do better than an Osprey pack. The Osprey Raptor line...
FrankS29   on Dec 8, 2019
replied to New XC/Trail Tires
Sorry, I strongly disagree about putting a 2.4” tire on an i19 rim. The 2.4” and above Maxxis tires are considered “Wide Trail” tires from Maxxis. They very clearly tell you that they...
FrankS29   on Dec 8, 2019
replied to New XC/Trail Tires
I think the Maxxis Rekon comes in a 2.25 Its a very versatile tire that rolls fast but still hooks up nicely for many trail conditions.
I run two Bachelor droppers, one last gen 150mm on my Jet 9 RDO and one current gen 170mm on my Timberjack. I LOVE them! I basically never have to worry about them. They just work. About twice a season I check air pressure and lubricate the seal with slick honey. Very little play in…
The best part of all this, it’s the equestrians throwing this tantrum. You know, the people that ride massive non-native animals into the wilderness. Massive animals that significantly damage trails, drop huge amounts of waste on trail and generally force almost everyone off trail. I encourage a genuine study, what does more trail damage, disrupts…
FrankS29   on Nov 19, 2019
replied to Gloves without annoying seams
I’ve been very happy with my Tasco gloves. comfortable and well made.
You should be able to buy a 130mm air spring for that fork, that’s the most travel I would run on that frame. make sure it’s a DebonAir air spring for your model...
100% agree, total joke of a survey! No single geo number makes a bike. At this point, I can’t help but roll my eyes every time Gerow posts an “article”... Seriously, this content is just lazy.
FrankS29   on Oct 25, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Superboost. kill it with fire.
Price of these puts them in direct competition with the Freerider Pro from Five Ten, not the standard Freerider. The Freerider Pro is significantly lighter than the Clan, 793 grams for a size 45 while the Clan comes in at 860 grams for a size 41. Freerider Pro also sports a stiffer, better pedaling sole…
FrankS29   on Oct 9, 2019
replied to Help me choose a bike?
The problem with full suspension in your price range is that they are not going to typically be the best designed suspension systems and they will have low quality shocks. This will lead...
FrankS29   on Sep 30, 2019
replied to help building a sl xc/trail
The Niner Jet 9 RDO should be on your short list.   It’s an insanely capable bike that pedals uphill and comes back down with ease.
FrankS29   on Sep 13, 2019
replied to Tire question
The Rekon is one of my favorite tires. I think you will like it! I run them on my 27.5+ wheels with the 2.8’s and on my 29er set up with the 2.4’s.
FrankS29   on Sep 10, 2019
replied to front shock pressure thoughts
Agree with what’s above. Volume spacers are a great way to tune your fork and make it ride so much better. The only way to really know what’s going to work for you is...
GCN did a pretty good overview of this brand and the material. I don’t think the flammability concern is really an issue, unless you like to ride through active lava flows... Supposedly this alloy also addresses some of the normal corrosion concerns with magnesium, along with the internal and external treatment. I am concerned about…
FrankS29   on Sep 7, 2019
updated Elm Ridge conditions to Fair
Kind of cool to see them experimenting with some different materials. I have to assume any paint damage would be a very big deal on a frame like this thanks to its highly corrosive nature of the material... Curious to hear about the ride quality compared to similar carbon frames.
All I can say is, thankfully I have my current model RLT 9 RDO... Almost everything changed in this model is kind of pointless, or backwards... I guess the dropper routing is a good idea. Adding more mounting points that won’t get used by 99% of people? I laugh about the mounts on the fork…
FrankS29   on Sep 2, 2019
replied to Mountain bike upgrades
That is COMPLETELY dependent on the bike and person! I’ve upgraded my wheelset, dropper, bars, tires, drivetrain... I’m currently looking at upgrading my rear shock. All of the upgrades have been worth while.  I have...
FrankS29   on Sep 1, 2019
replied to Mountain bike upgrades
Tires are an awesome place to start. New tires can make a bike feel totally different. Personally, I’m a big fan of Maxxis. Tough tires, tons of tread and compound options and excellent...
Unfortunately for the LBS community, online retails ARE giving back to trails and MTB advocacy. They are also giving better customer service, faster turn around times all at a lower price. Lower price is key. Mountain biking has become a pretty expensive sport and that DOES scare people away from joining our ranks. Cost prohibitive…
FrankS29   on Aug 30, 2019
replied to Lets talk...TIRES!
@Sean Gordon, Blue Mountain looks like classic NY riding! Reminds me a lot of Pittstown state Forest and Daniels Road trails in my area. Those are trails I opt to run my Minion DHF...
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