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Dampf's and Nic's are good tires, if they are the snakeskin sidewall and trailstar rubber I actually found them to be a bit to sticky for my taste as a rear but would likely go back tonyhem if is was I more loose dry dirt.
Want to try the Martello and Morsa combo. Morsa has been my go to rear for a few years with a dhf up front. That e13 semi looks like a great choice though and it's likely my next rear tire purchase after I run through what I have.
The few times I have been on Ardent tires they have scared me so bad as a rear. These were the skinnier versions and I have been told the 2.4's are a different beast altogether. My experience though(EXO 3C 2.25") was that they feel great and then when you lean on them hard... boom complete…
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