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grcgrc   on Jan 6, 2020
commented on What's Your Favorite Mountain Bike Color?
Whatever it comes in stock. Brighter is better. Custom is even better. (Squid bikes.)
An item that was not included in this look at shoes was the fit for width. Forefoot, heel cup and simply overall width would be a great help. For instance, by daughter has narrow feet but her mother has wide feet. For athletic shoes they wear entirely different makes.
grcgrc   on Oct 30, 2019
commented on The Ultimate Hardcore Hardtail Build, 2019
Very nice. My baby is a 2019 Chromag Root Down XL. Steel is real and it is a rocking machine.
grcgrc   on Jan 28, 2019
replied to Anyone wear MTB pants (not tights)?
I wear Fox Attack Water pants for riding in the Pacific North-Wet. Although short in the leg (I believe the website said 31 inches & I wear 35 inches) the knee is...
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