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Peachtree Corners // Georgia

Lonnie Milligan   4 days ago
replied to Atlanta
I'm not 100%, but I don't think that's a safe assumption.  You'll need to rent in town and then get a ride up to the mountains. If you are staying downtown it's a...
Near Brevard on the Blue Ridge Parkway there are hundreds of good spots.  The top of Black Balsam Knob is very popular for good reason. The treeless summit is just a mile up...
Lonnie Milligan   6 days ago
replied to Atlanta
what part of town will you be staying in? a little out of town is Blankets Creek, which is incredible.  I've heard Sixes Pit rents bikes.
Thanks for the insight everyone, appreciated.
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Thanks for the heads up everyone.  The older kid is a shredder and can handle more than I can but the younger one may have to hang out with his cousins for...
sorry, wrong thread!
Lonnie Milligan   1 week ago
started a topic: how hard is Downieville Downhill?
I just found out I'm taking the whole family to Sacremento for a wedding this summer.  I'm wondering if my kids can handle the famous Downieville Downhill.  The younger kid will be...
I think you can't decide until you see what your local trail is like wherever you move.  That's what you'll be on after work and most weekends so better to have something...
awww man, that's great.  Thank you so much.
Lonnie Milligan   on Feb 5, 2019
started a topic: easy bikepacking for scouts inGeorgia
My son wants to take his Boy Scout troop on a bikepacking trip. While he's an experienced racer the rest of the kids fitness and ability varies from "Okay" to "total butterball". ...
Yeah, but.... Our local YMCA has a pair of peloton bikes. Its rained for weeks and the trails are closed a lot. I can drop my kiddo off at swim practice ans spin on the Peloton (I like the Guns N Roses ride) for an hour. When the trails dry out I haven't lost any…
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