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I have not been on a mountain bike since 2007. I am renting and experimenting between 2019 Specialized Stump Jumper Comp and the e Levo Comp Carbon
I do not doubt that riding a Peloton can offer some folks a way into fitness...and perhaps the experience is much better than riding a Cyclops, my indoor winter trainer for my road bike. However, part of cycling includes immersion in an outdoor environment and for me this is a huge part of cycling. I…
...allow me to add, my experiences above were on very technical tracks. I cannot imagine loving an e bike on fast flowing rides where I might be faster than the e bike, which is limited to 20 mph.
Apologies for miss-spellings, I cannot find an EDIT tool
I gave up road racing in 2007, as a CAT 3 rider. I gave up because of the increased use of cell phones whilst folks drive their cars and for the general fall-off in driving acumen...I preferred to stay alive. I tried a season of mountain bike racing while racing road bikes to get a…
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