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renehlarue   1 day ago
replied to Buying a frame
You have 2 great comments... Schwim regarding what to look for in a frame and Plusbike Nerd about the costs... My recommendation (cost wise and bike wise) is to buy a new or...
I wash them every ride along with my shorts, chamois, socks and T-shirt... So they can always smell good and feel clean... Same thing with my bike (a good wash after every ride)...
<p style="text-align: left;">For me the dropper has been one of the best upgrade I've done to my bike... Many times, I feel I'm overusing the dropper... The most minimum decent and dropper...
renehlarue   on Aug 20, 2019
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike
There are more and more bike manufacturers accepting credit / financing (e.g. PayPal or Affirm)... That way you can pay not so expensive monthly fees and get a better bike. Check out...
Best thing to do is not buying a used orange Niner if the owner doesn't have any receipt or purchase proof.
renehlarue   on Jul 26, 2019
replied to New member, noob question incoming:
I guess, you already know or read about it, but just in case... In MTB there are 3 main branches and/or types of bikes... Cross Country (XC), Trial and Enduro. Depending...
Thanks... Very helpful. Shifting improved significantly. I didn't have the Shimano internal / clutch grease. After reading several blogs, forums and the grease characteristics, I used Lucas #2 Red n' Tacky and has been working perfect.
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