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4.1 mph average above and double the weight of a conventional MTB is really something...
renehlarue   on Sep 16, 2019
replied to Buying a frame
You have 2 great comments... Schwim regarding what to look for in a frame and Plusbike Nerd about the costs... My recommendation (cost wise and bike wise) is to buy a new or...
I wash them every ride along with my shorts, chamois, socks and T-shirt... So they can always smell good and feel clean... Same thing with my bike (a good wash after every ride)...
renehlarue   on Sep 11, 2019
replied to Dropper post on All Mountain bikes?
<p style="text-align: left;">For me the dropper has been one of the best upgrade I've done to my bike... Many times, I feel I'm overusing the dropper... The most minimum decent and dropper...
renehlarue   on Aug 20, 2019
replied to Beginner Mountain Bike
There are more and more bike manufacturers accepting credit / financing (e.g. PayPal or Affirm)... That way you can pay not so expensive monthly fees and get a better bike. Check out...
Best thing to do is not buying a used orange Niner if the owner doesn't have any receipt or purchase proof.
renehlarue   on Jul 26, 2019
replied to New member, noob question incoming:
I guess, you already know or read about it, but just in case... In MTB there are 3 main branches and/or types of bikes... Cross Country (XC), Trial and Enduro. Depending...
Thanks... Very helpful. Shifting improved significantly. I didn't have the Shimano internal / clutch grease. After reading several blogs, forums and the grease characteristics, I used Lucas #2 Red n' Tacky and has been working perfect.
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