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MikeyFlo86   on Dec 28, 2018
replied to First Full Suspension Bike
Thanks for all the feedback! Sounds like I need to find a good deal on an Evil bike!! Haha. I will definitely be riding some of these bikes early next year to...
MikeyFlo86   on Dec 22, 2018
replied to First Full Suspension Bike
TK34, thanks for the feedback. It seems like these bikes are all spec’d pretty similar, so I don’t expect there to be huge differences between them. It can’t come down to just which...
MikeyFlo86   on Dec 21, 2018
started a topic: First Full Suspension Bike
Hey Everyone, I am looking at upgrading to my first full suspension mountain bike. My current bike is a 2013 Trek Stache 7 and I love the way that the bike fits me....
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