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Just started MTB-ing in late 2018.

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GrannyMaster-Jay   on Oct 10, 2019
replied to Breaking in....
I started in Sept. 2018. I have 2 bulging discs in my lower back. So I knew from the get-go I wouldn't be riding crazy (would've love to though). I guess you...
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Sep 24, 2019
added 2 photos.
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Sep 24, 2019
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Sep 24, 2019
spec'd a bike: Trek Stache 5
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Sep 20, 2019
replied to New Rider
I got into mtn biking almost a year ago and had the same question then. Here's what I did: 1. 2018 Marin Hawk Hill 2. Got it new in Nov 2018 for $1850....
I started mtn biking almost one year ago. Before that, I took nature for granted. Now not only am I enjoying crushing those rock gardens, but I'm also enjoying taking breaks in between just to appreciate life. Just don't want to see a bear or mtn lion though.
2 bikes: 2019 Santa Cruz 5010 CR+ has a dropper post. 2019 Trek Stache 5 also has a dropper. Can't imagine riding without a dropper post.
Wait a second... is this an article about me? Holy smokes! Also, I definitely agree with how mtn bikers are easy to talk to.
I tend to sprain my wrists... I guess I'm just awkward.
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Jul 1, 2019
commented on a photo of Pack Memorial MTB Trail
Nice view
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Jul 1, 2019
commented on a photo of Pack Memorial MTB Trail
Nice view as well

Rode this yesterday... WOW! The climbs up to the top and back to the parking lot were about 4.5 miles...
Mostly solid green. With your idea, there are some decals I can cover with the wrap.
As a beginner, my biggest challenge is feeling my lower quads burn during a climb. Lactic acid buildup has always been an issue for me, even when lifting weights.
Yeah at this time, anything over $100 to either repaint of put powder coat on my bike costs too much for me. I may have to revisit the wrap vinyl film idea...
I ordered the wrap on Amazon last night... then after looking at the small parts and tight areas of the bike, I said forget it and then canceled the order. I'm just...
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Feb 3, 2019
replied to Got a "home" trail?
I just found mine last week: Brushy Peak in Livermore, CA. As a beginner, it's enough for me, plus the loop is really short, like 5 miles around. Lots of steep climbing (I walked...
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Feb 3, 2019
started a topic: Alternative to painting a bike frame?
I have a newer, serviceable full suspension MTB. But I am not a big fan of the color: green. Seems it'll cost an arm and a leg to get it professionally painted....
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Jan 29, 2019
added Hawk Hill 2
Nice, simple, affordable entry level MTB. Surprised it withstood rocky (some sharp rocks) trail going downhill at 22-25mph.
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Jan 28, 2019
added 3 photos.

I just rode this trail last Saturday and I gotta say it's not for beginners. Sure I'm a beginner, but...
GrannyMaster-Jay   on Dec 3, 2018
replied to New bike
I've recently decided to try mtn biking as it looks fun and am also looking for a MTB, preferably a FS. I'm a roadie but it seems MTB has more thrills -...
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