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I think it was pretty much specified in the write up, first Level Link 29er. That being said, this is nothing special. Let me be very clear here, I'm a huge DB fanboy, I own a Haanjo and Release 5C and talk with them quite regularly, super big supporter and fan. However, this is just…
Something to keep in mind with regards to volume spacers, not all size shocks can take every size spacer for example my 7.875 x 2.25 2018 DPX2 can't use the 2 largest spacers. I've not seen one review ever mention this and I'm not surprised, makes me wonder how many people are riding around with…
WTB Judge 2.4, 27.5" TRITEC
SRAM X01 Eagle Chain - 12 Speed
THELEGENDMTB   on Nov 9, 2018
added WTB Judge
2.4 27.5" TCS Tough/High Grip TRITEC
Fox DHX2 HSC/LSC HSR/LSR 2-Pos Rear Shock - Factory Series
780mm x 20mm Rise x 35.0 Bar Clamp (Black)
THELEGENDMTB   on Nov 9, 2018
spec'd a bike: Diamondback Release 5c
THELEGENDMTB   on Nov 9, 2018
spec'd a bike: RSD Bikes Mayor Aluminum
How was the flex in that back end, with all those small bearing and links it doesn't look very sturdy? Looks can be deceiving, but always good to hear some feedback.
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