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patrickchitanie   on Dec 5, 2018
replied to New clothes
Thank you for advice, I like your bike Gjmtb one question i want start with mountainbike and hike and i need an bike can you recommend me one i want spend 1300...
patrickchitanie   on Nov 19, 2018
replied to New clothes
Some advice please.
patrickchitanie   on Nov 19, 2018
started a topic: New clothes
After bike(mountain) i want buy clothes for riding bike. Has someone experience with driving bike and wear special clothes for Hiking one day or try mountain bike for few hours QUESTION, must...
patrickchitanie   on Nov 15, 2018
started a topic: Seperate Frame or just Bike
Someone recommend me to buy frame and not a new Bike immidiately. What is better build your own bike as starter or buy like you for mountain biking. Can someone tell me...
patrickchitanie   on Nov 14, 2018
started a topic: New bike
I am fond of mountain bike by someone else and i want start with that. Problem i see a lot of brands and i don't know what brand i must buy. Surly...
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