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I love this concept! I'm probably spending 90% of my time at one end of my cassette. I don't need a bunch of extra weight and cost for granularity in the middle. I didn't like the shift from 11 speed to mostly 12 speed and hate to see 13 creeping into the picture. Now just…
It used to be the front derailleur but thankfully those are gone! I could never get it to dial properly across all the gear ranges. Rear derailleur is easier to deal with but still needs constant attention.
guggino88   on Nov 3, 2019
spec'd a bike: Santa Cruz Chameleon
Thanks Matt and Singletracks! It's great that you allow us average riders to share our stories. Keep the bike checks coming!
guggino88   on Oct 30, 2019
replied to Your MTB plan?
Great forum topic! I've been riding a long time and can't wait for the future.  The sport just keeps getting more fun.  Here are some plans immediate and long term. Improve my jumps...
guggino88   on Oct 30, 2019
replied to Your MTB plan?
Oh and add own a titanium bike to my list. Moots YBB if I can ever afford one (drooling everywhere).
guggino88   on Oct 23, 2019
started a topic: Winter MTB Vacay
So it's fall and I will watch in sadness as my favorite trails turn to mush.  They will soon be snowed in until spring.  I geared up for winter last year and...
I don't understand why more companies are not going to the 9 tooth small gear like e thirteen. I have the e thirteen 11 speed cassette and the gear range % wise is comparable to most 12 speeds with less weight bc you have less gears. Plus you can make the front chain ring smaller…
guggino88   on Aug 18, 2019
commented on a photo
I got poison ivy just looking at this picture.
guggino88   on Aug 18, 2019
added a photo
White Ranch in Colorado on the long climb up Belcher hill. About 7 a.m. before the clouds have burner off.
guggino88   on Aug 18, 2019
replied to What was your first mountain bike?
Trek 830 somewhere in the 94-96 year range.  Fully rigid of course.  I dragged that thing through so much mud. My friends dad used to round a bunch of kids up every weekend...
guggino88   on Aug 17, 2019
replied to what are you using for grips?
ESI extra chunky. I tore up my hands on stock Santa Cruz grips and made the switch to the ESI grips.  Suuuuuuper  comfy and pure awesomeness.  I never put too much stock in...
guggino88   on Aug 14, 2019
replied to Pre & Post Ride Inspections?
Tire pressure is a given.  I also check wheel thru axles and brakes at a minimum.  If you are still using quick release skewers instead of thru axles, it's even more important...
guggino88   on Aug 5, 2019
replied to Are you riding "too much" tire?
I made the switch from riding 2.1s to plus size tires 2 years ago and it has been a great switch.  The stability provided by wide rims and tires has made a...
Thanks for the review. I've been in the market for some spine protection after a really nasty fall last year. I would really like to see more companies integrate spine protection into standard back pack design.
guggino88   on Jun 13, 2019
replied to Need sunglasses suggestion
Thanks Jeff!  Found this video on the link you sent.  May try some shaving cream (or cat crap) on my current glasses before buying new.
guggino88   on Jun 12, 2019
started a topic: Need sunglasses suggestion
Hi all, looking for suggestions on sunglasses.  This is the one piece of gear I just can't get right.  Most important criteria are: anti fog, don't make face hot and price.  I...
How could this not be front suspension? The last time I rode fully rigid on trail, I went right over the handlebars at the first rock. Forget needing brake power, it's hard to have speed on anything but smooth terrain without front suspension. I ride a hardtail and don't miss rear suspension (thanks to fat…
guggino88   on Mar 7, 2019
replied to Reader Bike Checks
In 2018, I decided to buy a new bike to celebrate my 25th anniversary of riding MTB.  After an exhaustive search I decided to go with the Santa Cruz Chameleon.  Buying a...
guggino88   on Mar 7, 2019
replied to What upgrades with $500
Agree with others on wheels.  If going drive train, I'm also looking at the e thirteen 11 speed 9-46.  Gear range rivals eagle and there is a definite weight savings over 12...
guggino88   on Feb 27, 2019
replied to Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike
So many options in this price range.  Demoing is always a good idea.  But of you are willing to buy without demo, check out buy direct companies, like YT.  You can usually...
guggino88   on Feb 15, 2019
replied to 27.5+ wheelset upgrade
Thanks Jeff!  Forgot about this article. Also, I haven't tried 29 yet.  Should probably demo a 29er bike before making a decision.  Unfortunately these Reynolds wheels don't have boost spacing or else they...
guggino88   on Feb 15, 2019
started a topic: 27.5+ wheelset upgrade
Hi all, I'm in the market for a wheelset upgrade for my Santa Cruz Chameleon (hardtail).  Currently I'm running the stock Raceface ARC 40 with Maxxis Recon+ 2.8 in the rear and...
Love the Chameleon.  As the name implies the bike is designed to be set up in many different ways.  You can do damn near anything with it.  27+, 29, single speed set...
guggino88   on Feb 7, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Totally agree on mechanical breaks!  It's wonderful to be able to tune with a pair of plyers and a hex.  I'm still running Avid bb7s and they haven't been updated in ages. ...
guggino88   on Feb 7, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Bottom brackets just got me too.  Bought a new road frame that takes PF30 and had to buy an adapter to fit my old threaded BB.  Made a press tool from thread...
guggino88   on Feb 7, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
Funny you bring this up.  I'm riding a 27.5+ hardtail and looking to upgrade the stock wheels.  I don't have any carbon components but have been considering going with carbon rims.  I've...
guggino88   on Feb 6, 2019
started a topic: What MTB trend do you want reversed?
After riding for 25 years, I've seen quite a few trends come and go.  Heck, my first bike was fully rigid.  Most developments have added to the enjoyment of the sport, with...
guggino88   on Feb 2, 2019
replied to GT Verb Sport
Checkout Race face Chester pedals.  Highly rated and very affordable.  Also agree that if you can afford shoes, go for it.  Singletracks just did an article on shoes.</p> A dropper post changes the...
guggino88   on Feb 2, 2019
replied to GT Verb Sport
Check with a bike shop if installing dropper and are not adept at bike maintenance.  You would need internal cable routing for most droppers and your bike may not take it.
guggino88   on Jan 28, 2019
replied to Aggressive Hardtails! Lets see 'em
I know that spot.  Here is my old aggressive single speed hardtail circa 2009.
guggino88   on Jan 26, 2019
replied to Help Me Decide - Whyte or Salsa
Agreed on going with plus sized tires on a hardtail.  I switched to 27.5+ last year and am riding more aggressively than my skinny dual suspension.  27.5 with 2.25 tires on the...
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