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brimmergj   on Mar 10, 2019
replied to What does your bike weigh?
Mock me all you want guys, I had my reasons and weight was definitely not the first two of the three reasons. What's really the big deal anyways?
brimmergj   on Mar 9, 2019
replied to What does your bike weigh?
31lbs with Schwalbe Super Gravity tires and FTD inserts. I've got one of those Chinese carbon frames (dengfu fm288), 26" carbon Nextie wheels, DVO Diamond, XO cranks, Zee derailleur with a Oneup...
I definitely agree that singletrack can be termed flow trails, the groomed and buff wide machine built stuff is just the first thing that pops in my head when I hear flow trail. With that thinking, when I'm building a trail I always say that every trail should have flow, but not every trail should…
Flow trails definitely do have their place in the community, but I personally feel that the term gets thrown around to much. Although all trails should be flowy and fun, all easy, less technical trails are not what I would consider a true flow trail. When I think flow trail, I think those wide machine…
brimmergj   on Feb 7, 2019
replied to What MTB trend do you want reversed?
My current pet peeves would have to be too much matching. Frame, components, decals, everything all matchy. Definitely not going to ruin my ride if I come across someone with a full...
High end kit on aluminum frames. I like the carbon, but some folks would rather have the best kit, but for various reasons, not want the carbon frame. I feel tires are a toss-up from a certain standpoint. Everyone wants good tires with their freshly purchased bike, but those high quality tires may not be…
I definitely agree that all trails should have flow, however, not all trails should be flow trails.
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