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Nice beginner trails for new riders, families and people looking to get some wheel time. Fontana is fast, Fart Swamp...
mtbyakangler   on Oct 23, 2018
added a review of Tom Triplet

This is a Beginner trail that rides as Intermediate right now. There are several detours because of hurricane debris, and...
mtbyakangler   on Oct 13, 2018
replied to Hydraulic Disc Brake Problems
I just started mtb’ing but I’ve been a mechanic all my life. I can’t speak for mineral oil brakes, I’ve never worked on them. Brakes are a sealed system and if it’s...
mtbyakangler   on Oct 7, 2018
started a topic: New from Southeast Ga
So I posted a question before ever introducing myself, kinda rude. So  how about an introduction. 43. From upstate NY, lived in Germany for 10 years. Settled in southeast ga, married, mess of...
mtbyakangler   on Oct 7, 2018
started a topic: New to the sport and backyard build
I’m 43 and just getting into the sport. I bought a decent starter hardtail about 15 years ago when I lived in Germany. It’s a 26” Carver. I rode a little when...
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