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First BMX - Raleigh Burner with mag wheels. First MTB - GT Zasker
And just to be clear, a longer trail figure as a result of a shorter offset (fork rake) will increase stability (reducing flop and possibly some 'agility'). Allegedly.
Received wisdom from the bike industry several years ago seemed to focus on a higher number for the rake to increase the turn speed (agility I suppose they were calling it). This was probably to hide awful shortcomings in the frame geometry and length of reach and so on. So I have read some reviewers…
Excellent article and it's pretty much my exact experience from a research and also direct experience perspective. I've been into MTB for a long time and have really only had one bike that fitted. Sadly that bike (XL Evil Wreckoning) failed after 290km and I then went to a too small (XL Pivot Switchblade), which…
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