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samjames2018   14 hours ago
replied to 29er Trail Tires
Another recommendation for a Minion DHF on the front, maybe something a little faster rolling on the rear such as an Aggressor. This totally depends on your trails and riding though. I'd probably...
samjames2018   3 days ago
rode 8 miles at Royal National Park

Afternoon Ride via Strava
Huh, interesting. Previous versions of the Motion Control damper have had a full lockout. Interesting. Anyway. First thing to do would be to try a heavier weight oil. Obviously that will change your...
It sounds to me that your damper is faulty - the "L" in "RL" designates that it should be a full lockout, rather than a slight tweak on the low speed compression...
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samjames2018   5 days ago
replied to 27.5+ wheelset upgrade
I tend to go for DT Swiss most of the time whenever I can. I know their stuff well, and it's high quality. For $1000 (USD?) you could probably get your LBS...
Agreed! It's actually made me wonder what I can do to improve the plushness/control on my fork, as the back end feels so good now.
samjames2018   5 days ago
replied to Stumpjumper evo alloy 2019
It's definitely going to be a fairly extreme machine, it has some pretty out-there geometry that is pretty similar to the Demo (downhill bike), so on paper it's going to be a...
Honestly I haven't ridden a DVO in anger so couldn't really comment. Though in my experience as a mechanic, the Fox is much more reliable. DVO seem to be currently having some quality issues.
samjames2018   6 days ago
samjames2018   6 days ago
replied to Hard decision ahead???
All the bikes you've listed are very different, it totally depends what you want out of the bike, where you ride etc. I test rode a Slash and bought a Remedy 8, which...
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British Columbia. I'll be there in 3 weeks. Can't wait.
samjames2018   1 week ago
updated Royal National Park conditions to Good
samjames2018   1 week ago
rode 21.2 miles at Royal National Park

Nasho via Strava
Best place to save money for bike parts for me - quit drinking those beers! It's by far one of the highest cost to lowest reward activities that I do. That said it's also one of the hardest to stop...
samjames2018   1 week ago
samjames2018   1 week ago
commented on How to Get a Bike Industry Job
Great article! I feel like (hope) that I'm just at the start of my career in the bike industry. 4-5 years working in shops currently as a mechanic, I'm still learning tons and I love it. One thing I can definitely echo in my experience is that being a people person gets you a long…
I don't see why it wouldn't, most of shimano's levers are cross compatible. Not long ago I crashed and ruined one of the levers on these brakes, and replaced with a regular M8000 XT lever, working fine.
BB and headset standards - why are there SO many?! BB30 is a particular bugbear of mine, particularly on Cannondales. They just let grit and moisture in so easily and end up...
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samjames2018   1 week ago
replied to Your best crash story
I once went OTB in a rock garden riding solo, thankfully at the bottom of my home trail about 100m from my house. Landed head first on a rock & smashed my...
Many crashes over the years have taught me how to fall! It's a hard thing to learn, but tuck & roll comes pretty naturally to me now. Of course every now and then you get caught totally off guard and you're on the floor before you even knew what happened. Those ones can hurt. I…
Is there anywhere a Minion DHF on the front doesn't do at least an adequate job? :) Sometimes I almost wish they weren't as good as they are! Almost...
samjames2018   2 weeks ago
Big +1 for Scotland. I've ridden many places (not made it to BC yet) and Scotland has some of the most incredible riding I've ever ridden, both in terms of quality and quantity.
samjames2018   3 weeks ago
updated Ansto conditions to Good
samjames2018   3 weeks ago
rode 10.9 miles at Ansto

Menai via Strava
The Evoc bags definitely make travelling with bike a LOT easier, I couldn't be without mine. It's worth noting that some airlines do not like you keeping anything in your sports equipment bag other than the item itself (ie they would not be happy with shoes/helmet in the bike bag) and may ask you to…
I ran a tough casing WTB Breakout on the rear for a while, and it was probably the toughest folding tyre I've ever owned (though they ain't light)
samjames2018   on Jan 22, 2019
I'd go with a 2.5 DHF 3c maxxgrip if I were you, with either Exo or Double Down casing.
I run a 2.5 Minion DHF wide trail DD maxxgrip on the front - it's the tyre I keep coming back to. That said, a WTB Vigilante would also have been my...
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potentially - what exactly is the 2.3 DHF you've found? If it's only $30 chances are it's probably not great spec. On an aggressive trail bike like the Capra you at least...
samjames2018   on Jan 21, 2019
replied to Aggressive Hardtails! Lets see 'em
I used to own this Production Privee Shan 916 limited edition until it was stolen a couple of years back. I still miss this bike :( By the time it was stolen it...
2019 Trek Remedy 8 with a few choice upgrades: maxxis minion DHF front & aggressor rear, both double down Fox DPX2 shock Shimano MT520 4-piston brakes with RT86 rotors Fabric Scoop seat (not pictured) DMR Deathgrips Giant 1x...
samjames2018   on Jan 13, 2019
updated Stromlo Forest Park conditions to Good
samjames2018   on Jan 12, 2019
rode 10.6 miles at Stromlo Forest Park

Stromlo via Strava
samjames2018   on Jan 12, 2019
rode 3.5 miles at Kosciuszko Flow Trail

Afternoon Ride via Strava
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