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My first real mtn bike was a 1996 Kona Cinder Cone; fully rigid with LX /XT component mix. I loved that bike and actually still have it as a commuter. It cost me $750 (seemed like a lot of money back when the top end Specialized was only $2200)
A few years ago I ran across a podcast this guy did, well before Ben gave him a shot on MBR... the first one I listened to was his usual anti-clipless diatribe which I thought was bs but basically just considered it a bad opinion so I tried another one and in the next one…
BBQ joints in Decatur and no mention of Wyatts Country BBQ? Come on man... that is the best authentic BBQ shack in the Decatur area and a far cooler vibe than the more slick restaurants mentioned
marvinmartian   on May 16, 2019
spec'd a bike: Kona Hei Hei Deluxe
The best advise that I received when I first got clipless pedals over two decades ago was to not try to aim your cleat into the pedal, just step on the pedal normally and it should go right in... really worked for me. When I focused too much on getting the cleat in I found…
I like naturally flowing trials but do not care for the machine cut BMX like trails that are so popular these days. I'm thinking of when Tsali was considered a flow trail (before the term existed I'm sure) and when Mountain Bike magazine published an article (20 years or so ago) gushing about how smooth…
Yeah, for the price of a Peloton "bike" you could buy a reasonable but inexpensive road bike and a Kickr Snap and have a more interesting experience on Zwift, plus the ability to actually go outside and ride your real bike.But, as you mentioned, Peloton has the marketing dollars to convince the masses of its…
Outside TV used show a full length documentary about NICA that was pretty good. I can't remember the name of the doc
Also, no Kind bars? The one they have that is cherry chocolate is pretty great, as are most of the flavors I have tried, except the one with blueberry... blueberry bars in general seem to taste artificially flavored . No Kind bars is a major omission from this test in my opinion
I think you may have picked the wrong flavors of my two favorite bars; Larabar and RX. I love the cherry pie Larabar but have no use for the apple pie; the cherry pie is a bit tart though so that throws some people off. I also dig RX Bars but the to flavors you…
I like the looks of this tire. One day, maybe next season, i should to branch out from my favorite Conti Race Kings for racing and this has been added to my short list
I watched that Womens XC recap video and it was possibly the most boring race recap video I have ever watched, which is a shame because I watched the race live and it was quite compelling and entertaining
The XC races were pretty great as well, the men's race was highly competitive to the last lap, when a couple of late crashes sorted it out
That way that they transferred the bike from one rider to another was pretty much a rip off of the Girl "Yeah Right" skateboard video. Though the Girl skate video was far more innovative and interesting to watch than that one was. I highly recommend Yeah Right
marvinmartian   on Jun 29, 2018
replied to Back to WTB
YES! Bronson (rear) and Wolverine (front) are my favorite general trail riding tires (to be read without the "bro-ness" of the term "trail") and Nanorapters front & rear when I need to...
VMT was better when it was actually challenging switchback turns like a trail should be instead of these bro-favored glorified bmx berms.
I was a Chris Farley fan, not a huge fan but I liked his work. I never even thought of him in association with the Farley bike until I saw this article
Odd, I have never had a video autoplay on this site... is this a problem?Or even a thing?
Lara Bars or Kind Bars, both of which I can buy at my local supermarket. BTW, Rip Van Waffles are far better than Honey Stinger
Wow! Racing news! I love it. This site needs more racing news. I am completely serious
When we got to that I took a longer alternate route back down to the road as I have a fear of heights and I'd probably get freaked even on the smooth stuff because of being so close to the edge. My buddy rode down and said it was a piece of cake; not sure…
I've only ordered from them a couple of times. One time they sent me a brake pad package that had come open and there were no pads in the package or anywhere...
marvinmartian   on Oct 14, 2017
replied to What mtb socks do you love?
I generally prefer standard Pearl Izumi socks, 2 inch tall cuff. But half the time I end up riding in just my everyday socks, because I already have them on at the...
I should make sure I spell things like "advice" properly before I hit the submit button
I seem to hear people advising new riders to get a plus bike because it makes riding easier. I think that is bad advise; riding skills are a good thing to learn and probably best learned when first getting into the sport... just my opinion. I also hear people advising newbies to get a super…
Thank you for this review. I still prefer bibs over baggies any day.
marvinmartian   on Jun 8, 2017
added a review of Clinton Nature Park

Seemed like a decent system if you are in the area, though not necessarily worth traveling for. I do think...
marvinmartian   on Jun 3, 2017
replied to Favorite pre- bike ride food
Rip Van Wafels are my go to pre-ride food...tasty, filling enough, but don't sit heavy in the stomach
marvinmartian   on May 29, 2017
replied to Full Suspension Advice ($2,500)
If that type of bike is what you are looking I'd go for the Trance 2, as it seems like the best value in its class. I live in Georgia so if...
I've been getting emails about this as well. My reaction? Meh. A bit of a kooky idea in general and in Columbus? Seems like something that should happen in the metro Atlanta...
With your description of "however probably never progressing beyond beginner/intermediate level with still lots of riding on gravel/old wood roads" I'd suggest a standard 29 or 27.5 hardtail, depending upon what size...
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