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About Me

I have been riding mountain bikes for a little over 2 years now. I ride 2-3 times a week and now am on the board of directors for my local trail (Mid-Indiana Trails - local chapter of IMBA). I ride a hardtail for now.

My Bikes

I was on Conti Trail King 29x2.4 both front and rear and recently swapped the front for the 29x2.4 Der Kaiser and I'm really digging it. Might have to try this combo.
Cameron Hill   on Oct 10, 2019
added Mid-Indiana Trails
Mid-Indiana Trails
Hey there! I'm on the board for MINT (Mid-Indiana Trails), a local chapter of IMBA. We help maintain a few different trail systems in East-Central Indiana, but most recently have been involved in gathering funding and hiring out trail builders for "our" trail, which is at the southeast corner of the Prairie Creek Reservoir, just…
Cameron Hill   on Jan 24, 2019
replied to Aggressive Hardtails! Lets see 'em
My Ragley BigWig with Cooper.
Definitely Pisgah at least once! Hoping to possibly fit in a trip to Copper Harbor, Michigan as well, for the 2nd time.
Cameron Hill   on Aug 29, 2018
added a photo
Out with my pup last winter. He's always down to chase me through the woods.
Cameron Hill   on Aug 27, 2018
spec'd a bike: Ragley BigWig
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