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Well then maybe you should try another trail location if you are bothered that much.  (more cheese with that whine?)
How 'bout just enjoying your ride and clean the bike when you get home.  Depending on trail conditions I get more grime on my bike trail riding then hauling it to the...
I think you have covered off everything needed for long distance travelling with bikes. I too prefer to bring my bikes in the hotel/motel room when using a rack for 2 bikes. However I make sure to use MULTIPLE chains/cables/U-locks/padlocks when the odd time I have to keep the bikes racked overnight. Most thieves are…
ironhead700   on Mar 30, 2017
commented on a photo
West beach riding Sarma Shaman fat bike
ironhead700   on Mar 30, 2017
added a photo
shore ice on Lake Erie
ironhead700   on Mar 30, 2017
replied to Your favorite bike trails in Michigan
I've ridden at least 20 different trails in the Lower Peninsula.  (Haven't got to the UP yet)  They are all good...........some are better than others depending on my skill level and conditioning...
As an older rider the simplest way to "get better" is to park the ego and ride trails within my physical & technical capabilities. Only then is it fun and injury free.................which it is supposed to be. There is ALWAYS someone better & faster and someone worse and slower.
Going tubeless I was able to mount a set of VeeRubber HBillie's (4.2) relatively easy. However mounting Bontrager Rougarou tires (3.8) was a battle. (very close tolerances?) They went on easy enough but I couldn't get them out of the center channel. Soaped up.......... with a compressor............ finally did the trick. Once mounted this wheel…
Going tibeless I was able to mount a set of VeeRubber HBillie's (4.2) relatively easy. However mounting Bontrager Rougarou tires (3.8) was a battle. (very close tolerances?) Soaped up.......... with a compressor............ did the trick. Once mounted this wheel set/tires hold air pressure quite well. I've gone down as low as 4 psi with no…
Don't think Trek feels a need for their 29+ bikes to have rear suspension. I also own a Trek Stache 29+ and am more than satisfied with the ride characteristics.
ironhead700   on Feb 3, 2017
updated Cadillac WST (winter sport trail) conditions to

Well groomed 3 foot wide out & back trail with some decent elevation changes. approx 12 miles. An easy, enjoyable...
Cadillac WST
well groomed 3 foot wide out & back with decent elevation changes.
ironhead700   on Jan 19, 2017
spec'd a bike: Sarma Shaman
How 'bout clicking on "mtb trails" (top of page) the best mtb trails state by state are posted with a description, rating, location and comments etc.
good thing that you winked at the end of your rant.
Just love the price ranges on the "top ten".....................Try this fat bike. You won't be disappointed!
ironhead700   on Nov 4, 2016
commented on The 9 Best Bike Lights for Night Riding
All great lights! For me, a helmet mounted Expelion 800 and a handlebar mounted Trion 600. BTW: it's very rare that I run these lights on high mode. How about battery life in cold temps? Living here in Canada I could easily knock off 30-40% of power time during the winter.
re: riding on muddy gravel roads?????????? looks exciting :)
I guess age isn't really an important factor - after all everyone rides within their respective capabilities based on many factors such as fitness level, skill level, experience, trail conditions, quality of bike, etc and the ability to take calculated risks based on these factors. But it is good to see all ages enjoying the…
Also with the advent of a tubeless setup (especially on plus size and fat tires) tire pressure needs to be checked regularly. A bent or cracked rim isn't cheap to replace.
chain stretch is dependant on many factors such as quality, thickness (eg: ss or 1x12), type of terrain mostly ridden as well as the power of the rider. Mileage is a non-issue.
over a grand for a tent???????
ironhead700   on Feb 6, 2016
added 4 photos.
+ 3 others
I suppose that we are fortunate that there are so many bike manufacturers out there. There IS a bike for...
The best way to stay 'strong' is to get out there and enjoy the trails. Keep it new and interesting...
ironhead700   on Oct 17, 2015
added a review of Potawatomi trail

Love this trail! The drive here (from home) is almost as long the ride itself. (that's how good it is)...
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