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Castle Rock // Colorado

Funrover   on Oct 16, 2013
added a photo
Funrover   on Jul 18, 2013
added a comment on South Park Singletrack: A Fairplay Fourplay
Fairplay is not far from home for me. I may have to look into that area more. Anyone wanna join/show...
Looks fun to me!
Great write up!! I have done this same transition, never fully leaving flats on certain bikes. I have now switched...
Funrover   on Jul 15, 2012
started a topic: That perfect place
I am sure I am not the only, but when I go to Winter Park I have a certian trail I ride. It's not long, not technical, but it's the 1 trail...
Wish I would have had time to meet with you guys! Next time for sure!
I love to watch what he does, simply amazeing!
Funrover   on Mar 26, 2012
added a comment on Cinema Sunday: "The Whole Enchilada"
That looks like a great day in the saddle!
Funrover   on Feb 17, 2012
added a comment on 4-year Olds Ride Teeter Totters at Indoor Bike Park
My Nephew went to the Boulder indoor classes. That little guy has no fear and is only 3. He can...
Funrover   on Feb 16, 2012
added a review of Indian Creek Loop

This is a great way to just get away without a long drive. A good mix of double and single...
Funrover   on Jan 7, 2012
added a comment on Glacier Gloves: Winter Cycling Gloves
Can I tell what trail it is yet? PLEASE!!!!!
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