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savageasflux   on Nov 6, 2018
commented on a video of Crockett Hills Regional Park
Latest run in Sugar City trail with their new bridge at the end.
savageasflux   on Nov 6, 2018
commented on a video of Crockett Hills Regional Park
Sugar City Downhill Singletrack in Crockett Hill Regional Park
Tree Frog Singletrack Downhill trail in Crockett Hills Regional park.
savageasflux   on Nov 6, 2018
added a video of Crabtree Trail #22
Late September 2018 top to bottom run on the Crabtree Downhill trail, near Dodge Ridge Ski Area, California. Non-stop, except...
savageasflux   on Oct 12, 2018
replied to Truck Bed Mounting Options
I have the a few of the locking LoBall track mount and use them in my 2005 Tacoma, they work great, however I dont have the Driveshaft track which is needed for...
savageasflux   on Sep 27, 2018
replied to Annadel Rides In Santa Rosa
<p style="text-align: left;">Ive wanted to ride Annadel for months but can never make it because my riding buddies never can go and im not wanting to ride unfamiliar territory by myself, maybe...
savageasflux   on Sep 24, 2018
replied to Tool Bottle
I considered a "tool bottle" type of storage for when i dont use backpack, but i choose to use a Lezyne Road Caddy saddle bag, but instead of it on my seat,...
Race Face makes a very similar product called Charge Arm and Leg guards that look like they provide better protection, but they do not provide full arm or leg coverage. They state that "This pad is NOT rated for impact. It provides minimal coverage and is recommended to guard against nicks and abrasions only." I…
Not a fan on ebikes. The Ebikes and others who cheat on Strava have really turn me off on the app and slightly on biking altogether, at first it was a good and fun comparison tool, but its gotten to the point where the ebikes and especially motorcycles are using it in my area and…
I find that the type of light you use matters a lot more once you get over 600 lumens. For instance you have a light with a spot beam vs a wide beam pattern. Ive ridden a lot of trails at night and this includes roads, and a lot of MTB singletrack scouting (first ride…
savageasflux   on Jun 9, 2018
answered a question about
Yes, there are many good flowy trails in the area. Most of the BMX style jumps have been removed, but...
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