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therevws   on Jun 5, 2018
added 3 photos.
therevws   on Jun 5, 2018
added a review of Cooper Creek Trail

Great trail for the beginner is a fact. I use to be an avid rider and quit for years. I...
therevws   on Jun 5, 2018
commented on a photo of Kona Nunu
The Kona NuNu is a decent bike for the money. I think I paid about $500 10 years ago and it is a pretty solid trail bike. I upgrade to Tioga thin platform pedals and installed topeak fenders. Front fender smacks the wheel occasionally but doesn't hurt anything. Seat was changed to WTB Foam. Installed a "Planet Bike" odometer/clock/speedo for about $40.
therevws   on Jun 5, 2018
spec'd a bike: Kona Nunu
therevws   on Jun 5, 2018
updated Cooper Creek Trail conditions to Good
therevws   on Jun 1, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
I just started riding again myself. I'm 54 and use to be a pretty aggressive rider. I got away from the physical activity thing and now I'm feeling old and fat. I've...
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