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breathinghard   on Nov 21, 2018
replied to New clothes
Personally I wouldn't use jeans if you think you might also need a rain jacket. They get wet easily and NEVER dry out. 50 years ago when I was green as grass...
breathinghard   on Sep 17, 2018
replied to No more REI or Dicks for me.
I wish businesses would steer clear of politics. Mountain bikers have some issues that are political in nature - access to trails in wilderness study areas is one that could be debated....
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breathinghard   on Sep 17, 2018
replied to Winter Apparel
I haven't done a lot of mountain biking in the cold - plenty at 35-50 degrees but not much at subfreezing as I don't find it any fun, but have done some...
breathinghard   on Sep 16, 2018
replied to Newbe middle aged man
I live about 1/2 miles from the Great Divide Mountain Bike trail which goes from Banff, Canada to Mexico. . You'd be surprised how many of the folks doing the 2800 mile...
breathinghard   on Sep 10, 2018
replied to Crash on new bike
Last year I got a new bike from Salsa and actually decided to read the manual that came with it. The manual stated in clear terms about downhill jumping and free riding...
breathinghard   on Sep 6, 2018
replied to How hard do you push when you ride?
I think it should depend on the purpose of the ride so there's no correct answer. If you are training, which I would define as trying to increase stamina, strength, aerobic capacity,...
breathinghard   on May 31, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
Having done treadmill tests on veterans for 25+ years I would say that if you can bike for an hour you are better than most of your peers, by far. The flip...
breathinghard   on May 30, 2018
replied to Helmets ??
I think wearing a helmet is a good idea. Having said that the hard data that helmets reduce injuries is scanty. The reasons relate to the laws of unintended consequences - wearing...
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