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21km climb to Vrsdic, our highest mountain pass here in Slovenia. You climb 887m to 1611m. Also hike a bike all the way from Baska to Crna prst, where you can do downhill...
YT Jeffsy CF Pro Race 29er.
Crt_Slo   on May 31, 2018
replied to Is the old fart in shape?
Seth made good video: :)
Crt_Slo   on May 27, 2018
replied to Comfortable Knee Pads that fit.
For Trail/AM/enduro rides I use Fox Launch Enduro pads, I am really happy with them. Very comfortable, I pedal with them without knowing they are therre, very good breathability.
Crt_Slo   on May 23, 2018
replied to Trail or Enduro bike?
Thank you so much for the replies so far guys, much appreciated! @Downhill Mike, thanks for suggestion, but short travel XC style bike is no go. I have a HT at the moment...
Crt_Slo   on May 23, 2018
replied to Mountain biking in Europe
I come from <Slovenia, a small country and mountain biking is farely new thing here but the whole country is just pure nature, with 65% of the country being forests and we...
Crt_Slo   on May 22, 2018
started a topic: Trail or Enduro bike?
Hey everyone, I'm new on these forums and I come from Slovenia, very beautiful and mountainous small country in central europe.. In next few months I will be buying my next full...
Crt_Slo   on May 22, 2018
replied to Your best crash story
Hey guys, new one here on forums. I've been riding on 2nd May on my local trails and one moment I was riding very steep and very loose terrain(compackt dirt with very...
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Crt_Slo   on May 22, 2018
replied to Helmets ??
For 90% times yiou ride the bike nothing will happen. But you have 10% when something WILL happen. I feel so may times on my mtb in thge woods and until this...
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