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Columbus // Indiana

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TMac   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
TMac   on Oct 16, 2006
added a photo of Winona Lake Trail
24 Hour start
TMac   on Sep 22, 2006
added 4 photos.
Rock Gardens in the dark!
TMac   on Sep 20, 2006
added a review of Hueston Woods State Park

Lots of short, steep elevation changes. Very rooty on the uphill and downhill sections. Found a couple nice switchbacks, but...
TMac   on Aug 9, 2006
added a review of Westwood Trails

Some nice trail work here! Smooth singletrack with a lot of variety. It takes you through fields, pine trees, and...
TMac   on Jul 31, 2006
added a review of Rangeline Nature Preserve

The new black diamond section of this trail is neat. Some challenging switchbacks, steep climbs, and tight singletrack. Great place...
TMac   on Jul 27, 2006
added a review of France Park

Rode the upcoming DINO Race course here an interesting mixture of short but steep climbs, creek crossings, big ring fire...
TMac   on Jul 27, 2006
added France Park
A mixture of fire roads and some rolling singletrack exist here. With the exception of a couple short singletrack sections,...
TMac   on Jul 5, 2006
added a review of Muscatatuck Park

There is some sweet singletrack here. Cool technical climbs, some nice fast downhills, and log crossings, rock gardens, and jumps....
TMac   on Jun 22, 2006
added Muscatatuck Park
Technically challenging, rocky, river side trails

Tight, twisty, singletrack with steep but short elevation changes. Has some log crossings, but otherwise not a very technically challenging...
TMac   on Jun 21, 2006
added a review of Wapehani MTB Park

Steep but short elevation changes in this mostly singletrack network of trail. Climbs and decents are often made more challenging...
TMac   on Jun 6, 2006
added 3 photos.
TMac   on Apr 30, 2006
added a review of Winona Lake Trail

Some excellent singletrack in this network of trails. You can hit some nice jumps, wind your way through some tight,...
TMac   on Apr 30, 2006
added Winona Lake Trail
This trail has some awesome singletrack! Jumps galore and loads of nice free riding and technical challenges. Trail caretakers are...
TMac   on Apr 24, 2006
added a review of Washington Township Park

Short network of trails in a public park in Avon. The expert trails require some good bike handling skills. Has...
TMac   on Apr 24, 2006
added Washington Township Park
Short but super knarly little trail. Lots of roots, rocks, and short but intense climbs and descents. Need some good...
TMac   on Mar 21, 2006
added a review of Hickory Ridge

Nice network of fire roads, gravel roads, and singletrack. Some of the low lying trails get sloppy during the wet...
TMac   on Mar 1, 2006
added 2nd Annual Sport and Music Festival
2 days of live Music (Friday and Saturday) Artists include: Ben Rooks, Union Blues, Michael Kelsey, Kevin Mohl & The...
TMac   on Mar 1, 2006
added DINO Challenge Festival
Friday 30th - night ride 8:00 pm Saturday 1st - trail run 7-9:10am, freerider challenge 11:30am, short track MTB race 4:00pm Sunday...
TMac   on Mar 1, 2006
added Fat & Skinny Tire Festival
DINO MTB race on Saturday (6th). Showing a MTB film "Roam" on Friday night (5th). Live music on Saturday. Demo...
TMac   on Feb 27, 2006
added a review of Valley Branch Retreat

HMBA is continuing to build trails. Added another .75 miles on Saturday, February 25th. When this section is connected to...
TMac   on Feb 16, 2006
added Franke Park
Network of trails, not alot of climbing.
TMac   on Feb 13, 2006
added Rangeline Nature Preserve
These trails have received a great deal of care and hard work over the past few years and have made...
TMac   on Feb 10, 2006
added a review of Nebo Ridge

Nice marathon ride. Fun going out and challenging going back. Save something for the return trip or bonking could be...
TMac   on Feb 10, 2006
added Westwood Trails
Not a very technically challenging trail, but deceptively challenging to your fitness level. Nice loop.
TMac   on Dec 13, 2005
added a review of Gnawbone Camp

Nice downhills! Sassafrass is awesome. Some of the trails are a little raw, but still a great ride.
TMac   on Nov 28, 2005
added a review of Crank Brothers Power Pump

TMac   on Nov 28, 2005
added a review of Giro Havoc

TMac   on Nov 28, 2005
added a review of Versailles State Park

HMBA is just getting started building trails here. The plan is to have a large network of trails for all...
TMac   on Nov 18, 2005
added 6 photos.
Log bridge
TMac   on Nov 14, 2005
added a review of Brown County Park

Just rode the intermediate and advanced sections of this single track. Very nice! Two long climbs one out and back...
TMac   on Nov 10, 2005
added a review of Town Run Trail Park

Smooth, well maintained trail. Get in the big chain ring and hammerhead! Some fun up and down dips. Trail builders...
TMac   on Oct 31, 2005
added 6 photos.
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