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Richard Shoop resides in Tallahassee, Florida, where he first discovered mountain biking in his mid 30s. He enjoys sharing his love of the sport with others, and passing on the lessons he has learned.

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Richard Shoop   3 weeks ago
Richard Shoop   on Apr 23, 2020
Richard Shoop   on Apr 2, 2020
Richard Shoop   on Mar 24, 2020
Yes it is. They use to armor sections of our local trails that are highly susceptible to erosion from rain. It works great and provides plenty of grip.
Richard Shoop   on Mar 9, 2020
Richard Shoop   on Feb 27, 2020
That's a good point. Thanks for sharing.
I have always been afraid to try clipless pedals for fear of not being able to unclip in time to avoid injury, but I could see myself using a system like this one. I hope its price will make it feasible to try.
Yes, Ben is an incredible man who loves the outdoors and wants to help others like him enjoy nature and not be limited.
Richard Shoop   on Feb 3, 2020
Great advice. I've learned that lesson the hard way.
Good suggestions. You can't ride nervously in wet conditions. That always ends in disaster.
Great tips. Thanks for sharing.
That's a great tip. Thanks for sharing.
Richard Shoop   on Jan 29, 2020
Apparently the Florida state legislature is wading into this issue and appears to be on the side of allowing e-bikes greater access. Both the Florida House and Senate have a bill pending which defines e-bikes based on the class I-III groupings, and would allow them to be used places where regular bikes are currently allowed.…
That's really cool to hear. Thank you for sharing.
Great article Sam. I'm glad you're a part of the mountain bike community.
Richard Shoop   on Jan 13, 2020
replied to what mtb shoes do ya run
Five-Tens are my shoe of choice hands-down.  Combined with a set of OneUp Composite Pedals, they are tough to beat.
Great article. I have been a dedicated flat pedal rider since the beginning. I ride with someone who only does clipless and have no problems hanging with them. They definitely help you learn proper techniques. By the way, the OneUp Composite Pedal/Five-Ten Shoe Combination is great.
I bought a 125mm V2 a little over a month ago and absolutely love it. It is my first dropper post and has worked flawlessly with zero wiggle. It feels like it even helps cushion the ride a little better than a rigid post. My only gripe is that you have to remove the seat…
Exactly. It's a never-ending challenge. I personally ride low air pressures, partly because I am light. I am currently running between 18 and 19psi in the front and 22-23psi in the rear. I'll go up higher on smoother flow trails, but run lower air pressures on rough ones.
Richard Shoop   on Jan 1, 2020
I personally think indoor trainers are cruel because you're on your bike but not going anywhere. I'd rather go to the gym myself.
Richard Shoop   on Dec 17, 2019
Great article Jeff. There is definitely a fine line between the benefits these devices offer, and the problems they can create in a person's life. I think you need to establish clear parameters on how you will use the device before buying it. Wearing them 24/7 can be unhealthy. I don't own one myself, and…
So very true. Thanks for the comment.
Great story Gerow. I grew up on the east coast of Florida, and fell in love with surfing when I was a kid. From there, I went to inline street skating. When I moved away from the coast after school, I lost myself for a while until I discovered mountain biking. It has the same…
Ah, the death grip. I do that every once in a while, but not a lot. My friend always reminds me to guide the bike, not fight the bike.
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