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Thanks. I appreciate your comments. I think the community aspect of mountain biking has made such a positive impact in my life. There are so many awesome people who ride.
Thanks for your comments. Yes, the MTB community is amazing. I am glad to be a part of it, and really appreciate all of the comments I receive on my articles.
Great comments. I totally agree. Flow trails definitely benefit older riders who want to stay in the sport but can't always handle rough, technical trails.
Thanks for your comments. I totally agree. Flow trails can also be technical singletrack. We have a great one in Tallahassee.
Great comments. Thanks for sharing.
Yes, those are two very good reasons why flow trails are a vital part of our sport. I used flow trails to ease back into mountain biking after sustaining a shoulder injury at the start of the year. I am very thankful we had a flow trail in town.
I just went to the Fork Area Trail System in South Carolina a couple of weeks ago. It has some great flow trails. I've also heard that Dupont in North Carolina has great ones as well.
Thank you. I really appreciate your comments and your story.
You're welcome. I know there are probably a lot more riders out there like us. I hope I can inspire them.
Thanks. I appreciate your comments.
Thanks Matt. I appreciate that. I hope I can be an encouragement to others.
Interesting tip. Thanks for sharing.
You're welcome. Congratulations on finding the Easter-egg typo. :)
RJShoop   1 week ago
Great podcast. One thing I advise people who are looking to buy their first mountain bike is make sure you leave enough room in your budget for good clothing/accessories/protection. These items would include things like a helmet, shoes/pedals, grips, the right saddle, etc. They aren't cheap, but they can make all the difference on whether…
Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for the comments.
Thanks for your comments. I agree, but would caution that one should carefully research their local organizations carefully before paying dues to them. After all, you want to make sure your money is being spent wisely.
Thanks for the comments. I have the same fear as you since I am the sole provider for my family. I definitely go through a cost/benefit analysis every time I think about trying a more difficult feature. A slow, methodical progression really helps in that aspect. I also like to catch some air every now…
RJShoop   3 weeks ago
He would be a great podcast interview.
For me, the key to improvement is practice, practice, practice. If you are struggling with a certain feature, or in a certain area, doing sessions and drills is the best way to improve yourself. In terms of measuring your improvement, there are different ways to do it. If you ride the same trails consistently, using…
The flat vs. clip pedals comments are interesting. I am a flat pedal rider myself, but my riding partner is strictly clips. In regard to the cornering issue, we all have a dominant side. I tend to corner better on right turns than on left turns. I think you just have to work more on…
Grant, that was a tough one for me as well. I conquered it by following a more experienced rider down it. He showed me a good line, and helped me with my body position. You'll get it eventually. I hope to see you on the trails.
Thanks for your comments. GoPros are very handy tools for learning because they can help you see lines in a trail you wouldn't otherwise notice. I use one myself for that purpose.
Thanks for your comments. Working on your fitness and balance will greatly improve your confidence on the bike. I have been doing more core and balance training this year and it has helped me.
Great advice. Thanks for your comments.
RJShoop   on Aug 14, 2019
RJShoop   on Aug 7, 2019
This was one of the most entertaining podcasts I have heard on Singletracks. I know he had some controversial opinions, so thank you for your willingness to bring it to us.
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