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Just got my first full suspension mountain bike in 2018. Since then I've ridden 500 dirt miles and have had a blast! As long as I live, I will ride!

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Yah, the doctor just said to give it a few weeks and see how it feels. But I've heard that ribs can take much longer to heal enough to start downhilling again....
karlosb10   on Jan 28, 2019
spec'd a bike: Specialized Stumpjumper
karlosb10   on Jan 27, 2019
started a topic: Recovery time for bruised rib (costochondritis)
I went down a week ago riding a trail called The Grudge in Simi Valley and bruised my rib cage pretty bad. I thought it was broken but X-rays were negative. I...
karlosb10   on Jan 25, 2019
replied to Singletracks Homepage Improvements?
Why is there no search feature in the forums?
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