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Full time cyclist, as in I don't drive a car. However, now I'm old and live in a very hilly area so my main bike is an electric fat bike. I have a non electric, non fat bike, full suspension bike I usually use on the trails. I've mostly ridden street in the urban areas I've lived previously. But now that I'm in the country and I have a wiffe that drives, I can catch a ride to actual trails and bike on them. Still learning about official trails. ride a lot on unofficial trails in my area though.
Notice how they don't talk about the motor? That's because it's a tiny little euro-motor. No, it won't get you up the hill (that' why many like this one have a "walk assist" mode to help you walk you $12,000 bike up a hill that the guy with the $2000 e-bike mtb rides past you…
Let's not use terms like class 1 when talking to anyone out of California. Those classes are a California thing that won't withstand it's first court challenge because it directly contradicts the federal law concerning e-bike which specifically mentions that it supersedes other laws that try and restrict we-bikes further, like by grouping them into…
Literally no one in the world, not even you, thinks that thinner, harder tires DON'T sink into the mud/sand and that fatter softer, ballooning tires sink just as much. Please don't pretend like you do.
Lived in Florida a long time. This really should have even been tried unless it was tried with fat bikes. Even state parks are recommending fat bikes on their websites now. It's not just about not bogging down and not having to push the bike because you are on a fat bike, it's about damage…
Texx Smith   on Mar 24, 2019
updated Haw Creek Park conditions to Good
No bells needed solution that makes everyone happy: Bikes go the opposite way of horse and hikers. Everyone looks in front of them, naturally, thus no one one ever gets startled. Alternate directions on different days of the week, clearly mark these things at the trailheads.
Texx Smith   on Feb 8, 2019
replied to eMTB for ski shuttle?
Actually getting a MTB'r to the top of the hill so he can bomb down is one of the most common uses for an electric MTB , so this is that unusual. ...
I too lost a lot of weight via mountain biking. The catch is that I have an electric mtb because I was in too poor of shape to ride a regular mtb up the hills around me (Appalachia). Still am and the injuries I sustained throughout my life probably mean I never will be. Now…
Texx Smith   on Jan 10, 2019
commented on Watch: Danny MacAskill vs. a Horse
Damn, that horse just destroyed that "trail" with his hooves . . . JK I know it's not a MTB trail. I guess all of us here already know that sharing trails with horses sucks.
Texx Smith   on Jun 17, 2018
updated Dawson Forest conditions to Good
Texx Smith   on Jun 17, 2018
replied to Dawson Forest MTB trails
Thanks goodness it's not just me.  It's the poachers, or any hunter that's been drinking,  that worry me the most though.  They have something to lose by being seen by you.  But...
It seems like the IMBA has been serving someone else other than it's members for quite a while now. Not sure who it is they are compromising with but they go against what their members want all the time.
Actually that's just an issue with fast bikes on bike paths. As anyone who ride fast knows, once you try it on a popular bike path, you won't be back. But I'm sure you realize NYC is crowded as hell, right? By the way, every e-bike on the road is one less car on the…
They were made so that people can go further on their bicycles. You know so they don't have to drive a car to the bike trial, for instance.
I live in a hot climate too.  When I know I'm gong to be on a tight trail that might be overgrown with thorns, I wear a face mask with built in...
Also if I'm riding street (yes, I do that on a mtn bike) or praticing manuals or something on asphalt or concrete,  I wear elbow and knee pads gloves if I can...
And ya, if you want the trials to yourself, go on private trails. If you are in GA I can take you to some awesome spots I've got permission for me and guest on.
Actually I'm a huge fan. I have two fist size holes in my lungs from when I caught TB 20+ years ago. I'll never be able to breath like I used to. It kicks my ass to walk up my 30 ft steep driveway. I couldn't even get out of my neighborhood on my bike…
The net increase in speed on a ebike is negligible. It's just a common myth that ebikes will go way faster on trials. The trail itself slows you down or speeds you up or slows you down. It just helps with hill climbing (even 10 mpg going up a hill will drain the battery very…
Texx Smith   on May 6, 2018
added a review of Charleston Park

I rode the inner loop only. Kinda wonder why they call their two trails the inner loop and the outer...
Texx Smith   on Apr 29, 2018
updated Charleston Park conditions to Good
Texx Smith   on Apr 23, 2018
commented on a video of Lumpkin County Park
There. I got it to post!
Texx Smith   on Apr 23, 2018
added a video of Lumpkin County Park
My two youngest, speeding down the trail through the forest.
Texx Smith   on Apr 22, 2018
commented on a photo of Lumpkin County Park
Texx Smith   on Apr 22, 2018
commented on a photo of Lumpkin County Park
This was supposed to be a video. Noob move somehow i guess. as it doesn't look like it worked.
Texx Smith   on Apr 22, 2018
added a photo of Lumpkin County Park
My two youngest enjoying a nice downhill through the forest
Texx Smith   on Apr 22, 2018
updated Blackburn Gravel Roads conditions to Poor
Texx Smith   on Apr 22, 2018
added a review of Blackburn Gravel Roads

Went here just the other day and the whole palce has new gates and fences and big official signs that...
Texx Smith   on Apr 22, 2018
added a review of Lumpkin County Park

Also all the ATV's have been blocked from acessing the trail by posts in the ground, so the ruts and...
Texx Smith   on Apr 21, 2018
added a review of Blackburn State Park

Clearly closed. Gated, fenced and official signs that say "Lumpkin County Property. No Trespassing". There no place to park nearby...
Texx Smith   on Apr 21, 2018
updated Lumpkin County Park conditions to Good
Texx Smith   on Apr 20, 2018
added a review of Lumpkin County Park

My four year old sons first mountain bike trail! He loved it. We went counter clockwise as others have suggested...
Texx Smith   on Apr 20, 2018
updated Lumpkin County Park conditions to Fair
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