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Pagosa Springs // Colorado

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The fire Zebbie mentioned is still burning over 46,000 acres. Updates are available on Facebook or web search for 416 fire). National Forest and parks were closed for a short time and may close again due to extreme fire danger. Plan accordingly.
Brandon Dalton   on May 23, 2010
added a map of River Legacy

Great handling and response. Minimal pedal bob with the ability to switch rear shock to climb mode easily. Handles abuse...
Brandon Dalton   on May 23, 2010
added River Legacy
With two trail ratings (Blue and Red) it is compatible with both beginner and seasoned riders. Following the blue arrows...
Brandon Dalton   on Dec 30, 2009
added a photo
Brandon Dalton   on Sep 21, 2009
added 3 photos.
One of the climbs. Needs someone at the top to show scale.
Brandon Dalton   on Sep 21, 2009
added Big Cedar Wilderness Trails
20 miles of singletrack loops. Well maintained without being overly invasive. On church owned property. Church has generously offered use...
Brandon Dalton   on Mar 4, 2007
created a My Trails
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